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Upcoming Events

There are a number of activities that ACES Worldwide undertakes to maintain its operations, update its website with timely information, issue releases via social media, raise operational funds, and expand its Board of Directors and Global Advisory Committee. Its featured events include Roundtable Discussions to help develop Action Agenda Papers in coordination with Alliance Members for presentation at international space forums. Its other ongoing activity is to implement compact agreements related to space applications and sustainable development goals.

Upcoming Events

Virtual Roundtable on Advances and Practices in Tele-Medicine and Tele-Education (Spring 2023) (Speakers to be announced)

U.N. General Assembly 78 Science Summit (September 2023) (This will address progress on the ACES Worldwide Compact Agreements on Space & Sustainability, as well as other advances in space-based tele-medicine, tele-education, orbital debris mitigation, space traffic management, and planetary defense.

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