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ACES Worldwide Programs

ACES Worldwide seeks to collaborate with space-related organizations, agencies and commercial entities to address key issues of mutual concern across all nations of the world.

ACES Worldwide activities are primarily directed toward:

  • Improving space safety standards

  • Seeking the long-term sustainability of planet Earth via the use of space systems and working in partnership with the U.N;

  • Addressing the issue of orbital space debris and its mitigation;

  • Seeking to improve space traffic management;

  • Facilitating broader access to space training, education, research, and capacity-building;

  • Improving planetary defense against cosmic hazards (including asteroids, comets, solar storms and space debris);

  • Facilitating new or improved space law treaties and guiding principles that address the above issues.

Key activities include: "Roundtable Discussions" and "Action Agenda Papers." These activities are conducted with support provided by ACES Worldwide’s Global Advisory Committee and its Alliance Partners. ACES Worldwide also seeks to work globally to improve the use of space systems to help meet the U.N. 17 sustainable development goals by developing “Compact Agreements” devoted to this objective.

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