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Roundtable Discussions

ACES Worldwide, in collaboration with its Alliance partners, is working to organize a series of Roundtable discussions on key space issues of international concern. The goal is to explore new solutions to help resolve current challenges in the areas of: (i) space safety and sustainability; (ii) orbital space debris; (iii) improved space traffic management; (v) cosmic hazards and planetary defense; and (vi) space education, training, and capacity building.

These hybrid events will include both in-person and virtual roundtable discussions. They will feature expert presenters and discussants from around the world—especially from ACES Worldwide’s Global Advisory Committee and its international partners.

These discussions commenced on April 27, 2022 with the first two ACES Worldwide Roundtables and were followed by another session on September 26th at the U.N. General Assembly Science Summit. The Science Summit panel initially focused on Space Safety and Sustainability including efforts to protect against cosmic hazards and space debris. It subsequently addressed the many applications of outer space systems now being employed to meet the U.N. 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This Roundtable Discussion was held in partnership with Space Renaissance International (SRI) – an ACES Alliance Partner. On December 14, 2022 another web-based Roundtable discussion was organized by ACES Worldwide to discuss the use of space systems for sustainable development as part of the U.S.-African Leaders Summit held in Washington, D.C. This web-based discussion engaged experts in Europe, Africa, and the U.S. to explore the expanded use of space systems to advance development needs. ACES Worldwide’s Global Advisory Committee and Alliance Partners have been instrumental in finding globally-representative speakers and developing innovative solutions as proposed in Action Agenda Papers.

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