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ACES Worldwide - Alliance of Partners

Space 3.0 Foundation

Scott Sacknoff


Beginning with the birth of the sector in the 1950s and 1960s, most space activity was directed by the needs of government. The Space Race and the landing of the Apollo spacecraft on the Moon (Space 1.0) was followed by a multi-decade period dominated by government programs lacking an overall underlying vision and the emergence of the first commercially driven ventures (Space 2.0). Today, billionaries and private investors have begun to shift the conversation, investing significant private funds to challenge the status quo. Space 3.0 represents this new beginning, the next evolution of Space products and services. As we consider a free and open space economy, we need to preserve the past knowledge; define a vision; and encourage, support, and educate those leading the efforts.

Space Renaissance

Dr. Bernard Foing


The goal: Open space and its resources to the people of Earth, expand Civilization beyond Earth boundaries.

To do so we must:

  • Develop low cost access to and from space.

  • Settle and harvest the resources of the Moon and other objects in space, including those same asteroids and comets which may threaten our existence.

  • Develop a healthy and growing Geo-Lunar industrial and economic infrastructure, including research, technology development, entertainment and tourism.

  • Develop the means to generate and return clean power from space using the energy of the sun.
    Please subscribe our Manifesto, and ask your friends to do the same!

  • Please show your interest and help this idea: it could make a big difference by bringing this vital new idea to the attention of the public.

Space Base New Zealand

Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom


SpaceBase is a purpose driven consultancy focused on democratizing access to space. Our vision is to live in a world where space plays a critical role in addressing planetary challenges, and provides the pathway for unlimited resources and economic benefits.

We see a world in which all people have the opportunity to participate in the space industry on an equal footing, in accordance with their talent and ambitions. However, there is a technological divide between space faring nations and the rest of the world. Our mission is to address this challenge by catalyzing space industries as a service in emerging and developing countries.

“Remember, the space settlement dream was born in you so that you would strive for its fulfillment in this generation, not defer it to the next. It was, and is, a call to you to take some action in this lifetime, and if you are not meant to see it through to its completion, then you must at least lay a foundation on which those who will follow can build.”

Moon-Mars Astronautics Academy and Research Science (MMAARS)

Dr. Susan Jewell

Executive Director

MMAARS is a vanguard in commercial analog astronautics for human space exploration, training the Next-Gen professionals to acquire practical hands-on expertise to enter the New Space era. We provide curated in-person and virtual programs and services focused on edutainment, experiential learning, and simulation-based training integrating exponential technologies. We have developed a “Mobile Modular Basecamp Training System” (MBTS) model at our MMAARS Analog Martian-Lunar Settlement located in Mojave Desert, California, USA. We offer multiple In-Person Analog Astronautics Training Programs including MMAARS Virtual Astronautics Academy Training Programs.

Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA)

David Metzler

Executive Director

GSOA provides a platform for collaboration between companies involved in the satellite ecosystem globally and a unified voice for the sector. Our vision is to help policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies and across mature and developing economies.

Gerd Dani

Director serves as the premier online destination for the global community of FREE AstroScience, a distinguished independent social scientific organization established by the visionary GERD DANI. Our mission is to deliver accurate, up-to-date, and reliable science news that captivates millions of avid readers each month.

Our website is managed autonomously by a dedicated team of international experts who are passionate about illuminating significant contemporary issues and unearthing groundbreaking discoveries, enigmas, and marvels from every corner of the globe. With a commitment to simplifying complex scientific concepts without sacrificing rigor, the FREEAstroScience team strives to expand the intellectual horizons of our diverse readership.

At, we pride ourselves on presenting science in an accessible yet profound manner that caters to both seasoned academics and curious novices alike. By fostering a global community of individuals who share a passion for scientific exploration, we aim to contribute to a deeper understanding of our world and inspire the next generation of scientific pioneers.

Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the captivating realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to uncover the stories that shape our present and will undoubtedly influence our future. Together, we will explore the frontiers of human knowledge and celebrate the awe-inspiring achievements of science, all while remaining firmly grounded in the principles of objectivity and truth.

For All Moonkind

Dr. Michelle Hanlon

Co-Founder and President

For All Moonkind, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to protect each of the six human lunar landing and similar sites in outer space as part of our common human heritage.  In 2018 we were granted the status of Permanent Observer to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

We challenge the international community – sovereign nations, national space agencies and commercial entities – to join us in addressing the void left by current space law in respect of human heritage in space.  Our entirely volunteer team of space lawyers and policymakers are working to develop reasonable and practical protocols that will balance development and preservation and include systems to select, manage and study relevant sites.  In so doing, we seek to promote the exploration and development and open the debate on equally pressing issues of property and resource extraction.

Alternative Planetary Futures Institute

Victor V. Motti

Executive Director

The Alternative Planetary Futures Institute (ApFi) was founded in Washington D.C. by Victor V. Motti and Jerome C. Glenn to be a planetary think tank.

We are nonprofit and non commercial.

We have research and advocacy programs focused on Planetary Consciousness (See a definition here)

This is accomplished under the leadership of our world-class scientific council and by the contribution of a volunteer planetary creative council (groups of individuals and organizations) around the world that connect planetary views and futures research to help expand imagination about the possible futures and build preferred futures.

Space Renaissance International

Bernard Foing

Chairman, Space Renaissance International

ACES Worldwide - Alliance of Partners (Proposed)

Secure World Foundation

Peter Martinez

Executive Director

Our Vision

Secure World Foundation envisions the secure, sustainable and peaceful uses of outer space contributing to global stability and benefits on Earth.

Our Mission

The mission of the Secure World Foundation is to work with governments, industry, international organizations, and civil society to develop and promote ideas and actions to achieve the secure, sustainable, and peaceful uses of outer space benefiting Earth and all its peoples.

European Space Policy Institute

Hermann Ludwig Moeller


We are the European think-tank for space. A not-for-profit association based in Vienna, the world capital of space diplomacy, we provide recommendations, policy options and forward vision as to how Europe’s engagement in space can bring maximum benefit to society.

Our efforts include research and analysis on major space policy issues, the monitoring of global space trends and policy developments, and the organisation of thematic conference and workshops. Our work also reflects how space can sensibly contribute to Europe’s unique role in global politics as a strong and principled actor.

International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety

Tommaso Sgobba

Executive Director

The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS, Legally established 16 April 2004 in the Netherlands, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering international cooperation and scientific advancement in the field of space systems safety. In 2004 IAASS became a member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). In 2006 former US Senator John Glenn, first American to orbit, became Honorary Member of the IAASS. In 2010 IAASS was granted Observer status at the United Nations COPUOS (Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space).

In accordance with the Association Charter, the IAASS membership is open to anyone having a professional interest in space safety. Members can be physical persons, corporations, agencies, universities, institutions, and other professional associations.

The Association exists to help shape and advance an international culture of space safety (technical, organizational and socio-political), which would contribute to make space missions, vehicles, stations, extraterrestrial habitats, equipment and payloads safer for the general public, ground personnel, crews and flight participants. The Association also pursues the safeguarding and sustainability of the on-orbit environment to allow unimpeded access to space by future generations.

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