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Space Safety

There are various aspects to space safety - ranging from astronaut and crewed vehicles safety to broader standards of considerable concern for national space agencies, private space entities, and the international community as a whole.

Recent increases in commercial space enterprise have raised more frequent and profoundly more serious space safety concerns. These concerns threaten human life and infrastructure - both on and off Earth - through various space projects and coordinated activities. There are at least six dimensions of space safety that ACES Worldwide will pursue to provide new standards and regulatory support to help address space safety concerns.


Space Safety & Sustainability of Space Enterprise

Launch Operations


ACES Worldwide seeks to promote enhanced and consistent regulations to ensure public safety through safer and cleaner launch operations. This includes improving regulations to help address aborted launches, controlled spaceflight re-entries, commercial space flight operations, hypersonic transport, and other relevant areas.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Standards


ACES Worldwide seeks to promote uniform environmental protection and sustainability standards to more effectively address atmospheric and ground pollution monitoring and control, nuclear/radiation protection, and enhanced climate change monitoring.

Space Traffic Management


ACES Worldwide will contribute to the development of innovative international space traffic management systems and on-orbit service standards.

Situational Awareness and Sharing

ACES Worldwide will contribute resources to enhance space situational awareness and the international exchange of critical operations information.

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