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Sustainable & Equitable Use of Space

Space exploration and the development of many NewSpace applications present both challenges and opportunities for humanity’s long term sustainability. The goal of ACES Worldwide is to help make space activities as productive, safe, sustainable, equitable, peaceful, and secure as possible. Global collaboration in space enterprise with shared worldwide goals could promote significant advancements in space exploration and utilization. The use of space systems to help meet the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals has become a prime mission of ACES Worldwide through its Space & Sustainability program to be undertaken through Compact Agreements. ACES Worldwide seeks to help advance these challenging goals by exploring innovative regulatory provisions, education and training programs, planetary defense capabilities, and sustainability guidelines (most recently through Compact Agreements.) As technological innovations are achieved, the "softer sciences" related to law, governmental statutes, safety regulations and the peaceful uses of outer space must also advance. And without regulatory agreements outlining how such activities might be implemented, the full potential of these new technologies cannot be realized for all humankind.

These are just some of the space policy and regulatory issues ACES Worldwide endeavors to address. Its overall mission is to forge international consensus on how best to proceed on a united global scale to advance humanity's exploration and use of outer space. Its overall goal is to create a more effective network of collaborating organizations from around the world and from all sectors of humanity in order to address the most pressing space-related issues currently confronting humankind and our home planet. With its International Advisory Committee and global Alliance of Partners, ACES Worldwide will generate creative options and potential solutions to these challenges and the opportunities that currently confront all of humankind.

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